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Post-game Renais discussion

Hi there, sleepy Magvel comm!

So this might be something of an odd question, but I'm curious - in post-game Renais, how do you see the power dynamic between Eirika and Ephraim? Do you take it as Ephraim being the ruler, and Eirika sort of backing him up? The two of them holding equal power? Eirika really taking the reins despite being the younger twin? Do you factor any marriages or anything like that into your feelings?

It's a matter I'm not certain of myself, and I think it would make for interesting discussion, so feel free to share anything!

Also pimping: noneedforwings is where I'm keeping all my personal meta talk now, in case you care. It's public and such, and there's some Magvel stuff that I didn't want to push as the admin here posted there.

And finally, a reminder: you can absolutely pimp out your fanwork/post meta/ask questions/whatever here. I'm not very good at starting discussions, sooo yes.

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Hrmm, you know, I always wondered that myself. If I wanted to assume, going by their personalities, Ephraim would be the 'main' with his dear sister close beside him. However, as time went on I wonder if it changed. Any fights, or perhaps jealousy. I mean, they don't really seem the type. Maybe a Renain civil war just sounds really epic in my head XD But this is a pretty good question, I have to think more on it.

I do think marriages may have some factor on it though, and if anything some borders might end up changing from marriages and the like.
. . A war between Eirika and Ephraim would be kind of amazing, not gonna lie.
I kind of figure it that way - Ephraim at the technical helm, but with Eirika right behind him. I mean, I'd like them to be truly equal, but it doesn't really look like that ingame to me.
Ephraim gets to do all the Kingly stuff like state, politics, and military.

Eirika has no actual power/control, she does have some clout though. I imagine she'd have huge power over Ephraim, but not other members of the court. She becomes a mostly symbolic figure of power, and does all the humanitarian gestures. Maybe she'll get sent around as an ambassador. She'd still have to go to all the big state events.

I am rather fond of the idea that if Ephraim is ill, she could quickly/temporarily take his place. Even more out there, if he dies, she could take the throne pretending to be him, and saying that it was Eirika who died instead. Assuming they still look alike enough.

But in the event Ephraim dies, I think it's much more likely power would go to his children, and if no children were present, perhaps it'd go to Eirika after brouhaha.

Unless they marry each other, I don't think who they marry affects much of this. (Eirika marrying Seth would fit quite well as a humanitarian gesture)
Pretty much this is what I figure happens in my head. I think it just works really well. In that Eirika holds sway, though mostly over her brother. But it's a lot less stressful
The idea of Eirika being able to replace Ephraim is actually really interesting - allowing him to maintain that infallible front he seems to like so much, yeah, I can see it.

I always did think Seth/Eirika would make a really nice propaganda tool of sorts, definitely. I do think, though, that by the end of the game Eirika's personality has strengthened enough that she'd probably have more influence - perhaps not directly, but I think her favor/disapproval would probably mean a lot.
I'm not sure though.
I would very much like to envision them holding something close to equal power post-game, thanks to the recurrent references to Eirika as a "queen" in the game script. They have an extremely large and very fractured territory to govern, and I imagine Eirika holding court in Renais at first while Ephraim contends with the problems down in Grado. Ultimately, Eirika turns into more of the "spiritual leader" of the nation once Ephraim masters the nuts and bolts of kingship-- the civil and judicial roles as well as the military aspect of things. Ephraim's name might come first on the documents, but in private, Eirika is on an equal footing with him... and has a hell of a lot of influence over him.

That, though, assumes she stays in Renais and marries Seth or shacks up with Forde.

My headcanon still says she goes to Caer Pelyn after the initial post-quake crisis period settles a little.