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Sep. 26th, 2012



Ewan Art!

I'm replaying FE8 again, and since I've played so many times I want to mix things up. I decided to make Ewan a shaman rather than a mage, and he is SO hardcore now.

In my story, Ewan becomes obsessed with dark magic and in his studies grows distant from his original teacher, Saleh. He looks to Knoll for help now, and keeps his interactions with other group members to a minimum.

I decided to illustrate this new Ewan.

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Aug. 28th, 2012



Fire Emblem Knights

Tonight I finally finished a FE8 piece that I've been working on throughout the summer!
They are some of my favorite characters, enjoy!

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May. 31st, 2012




So, both Ephraim and Eirika now officially have downloadable chapters where they are recruitable in Fire Emblem: Awakening. They come with redesigns, as well.

Ephraim is a Great Knight, and leads the other male lords against a pile of villains and recruitable enemies (including, for the interests of the comm, Lyon and Marisa.) Eirika's class is a new one, something I'm told is roughly like "Bride", using at least staves and bows. No word on swords yet, as she was just announced tonight. 

What do you guys think? Designs, classes, ideas of any sort? Other characters you're still hoping to see?

(Also, I've added a "game: FE13" tag for this kind of post. Please remember that everyone's allowed to post anything FE8-ish here; I can't keep everything up by myself, after all :3)

May. 4th, 2012

Lyon twins


Magvel on tumblr!

Hey there, everyone! Just dropping by to link the brand new Magvel Tumblr!

Please note - although I am involved in this tumblr, this LJ and Magvel on Tumblr are not formally affiliated, though future challenges or events here may be publicized there. 

(PS, if any of you have tumblr accounts, even if they're not at all FE related, you can feel free to link them on this post!) 

Feb. 26th, 2012



Regarding the Dreamwidth mirror

So I learned too late that you actually cannot crosspost from Dreamwidth on communities. As such, entries posted on DW will not show up here unless they are put in manually. 

Because of this, I think it's best to keep the comm fully up here alone. I will periodically back it up on Dreamwidth, just because it's there and doesn't take long, but please do not post to both communities for right now. Posting on DW is still enabled there for everyone at the moment, but if you crosspost on your own, it could result in duplicates on import. 

You can feel free to post here on LJ, though. I'll try and see if I can figure out a way to make things readily accessible on both sites without making it a hassle for anyone, and will post if I get something. (If you've got any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them, too.) 


Feb. 10th, 2012



Modern AU Headcanon Time

What is your modern job headcanon for your favourite characters? Are they similar to the one they have in-game? Do you prefer to choose to do something different and let them have jobs that others wouldn't have associated with the characters? Why do you think those jobs fit the characters? Do you have characters that, in your mind, could do almost every job?

Personally, I think that Frelia would "turn" into an airline with Hayden as the owner, the pegasus riders as pilots, Gilliam as a security guy or something, Moulder as the head of the labour union (and caring for the pilots´ mental health), etc.

Ephraim would totally become a professional athlete (martial arts more than team sports). Eirika could become pretty much everything, imo, though I think that founding a firm and being a boss might not be her first choice. I can totally see her working with kids (she could totally become a teacher like Fado).

Lyon would try to follow in his dad´s footsteps and become a lawyer, but notices that law is not for him and then studies a science, biology or chemistry or both. Knoll also totally becomes a biologist.

Sooooo, what is your headcanon? :3

Entry mirrored on dreamwidth.

Jan. 15th, 2012



Fanfiction: Circumlocution

Characters/pairings: Eirika/L'Arachel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5,500
Genre: Drama, mostly.
Author's note: I haven't seen any decent-length Eirika/L'Arachel fic lying around, despite my secret love of the pairing, so I wrote this. :[ Appropriately wordy for a piece that features Rausten's very own darling princess. 

Find it on FF.Net here.

Jan. 7th, 2012



On knight/royal pairings

From the way the Seth/Eirika supports go, one might assume that marriages between royalty and their knights are forbidden in Magvel.  The way the entire Ismaire/Carlyle fiasco plays out lends this some support, and a good deal of fanfic and meta uses this assumption as a springboard in any event.

On examination, though, is it really the case?  Consider the counter-evidence.

1) Seth/Eirika paired ending.  "[They] were wed, with the blessings of Ephraim and all the Knights of Renais.  The tale... became a beloved romance in Renais."  Sounds like nobody objects, then.

2) Joshua and his ladies.  Both the ending with Natasha (his "perfect companion") and the one with Marisa indicate no hint of turmoil, and you might imagine that the citizens of Jehanna would be a wee bit leery of unconventional relationships.  Apparently not.

3) Innes/Vanessa.  All of it.  Not to mention their paired ending also states they "lived happily with the blessing of all around them."  And while Joshua might be pegged as a renegade royal who does things his own way, I don't recall any indication that Innes is a particularly oddball Prince of Frelia.  If anything, he's presented as the opposite, a royal heir who strives to fulfill the common expectation of what the role requires.  He's got no problem at all hooking up with one of his knights (even if we assume he doesn't marry her) and apparently no one else is bothered by it, either. 

In fact, the royal marriage that does cause public outcry is the union of Ephraim and L'Arachel, which "throws Rausten into turmoil" for whatever reason.  Interesting.  

World-building in Magvel being what it is, we know next to nothing about the marriages of any of the senior representatives of the royal houses. We don't know if Fado, Vigarde, and Hayden married nobles/clerics from their own courts, or foreigners, or perhaps members of their own retinue of knights[*].  As the game doesn't mention any of the royal heirs being closely related, it's not too likely that Fado married Hayden's sister (for example), but that's still within the realm of possibility.

But, aside from the situation of Carlyle and Ismaire-- a unique situation of a ruling queen with a dead husband and a missing son-- there's not really hard evidence that matches between royalty and commoners are forbidden.  In Ismaire's case, a second marriage could potentially result in a "king" of Jehanna whose progeny could break the line of descent from Jehanna's unnamed founder, so Carlyle's situation is especially problematic.  He's got more against him than just being a commoner, even if we assume (again) that second marriages are even allowed in Magvel.  As crimsonmorgans pointed out, they might not be.  We don't have positive evidence for second marriages being acceptable.
At any rate, while the marriage of Eliwood to either Fiora or Lyn in FE7 is stated to cause conflicts/uproar, we don't see anyone in Magvel throwing fits over Joshua bringing home a cleric from Grado, or even over Eirika going off to nowhere land to live with some dude in the mountains.  The only thing the public won't take, apparently, is L'Arachel Princess of Light taking the Restoration King as her husband.  (Again, interesting.)

So, what's up with all the objections raised in the Eirika/Seth supports?  Well, it could be a couple of things.  There could be a double standard for acceptable behavior in princes and acceptable behavior in princesses.  There might be a different standard of conduct in Renais, the nation with no female knights or generals, compared to Frelia.  Or the whole dynamic could say more about Seth and Eirika, their personalities and self-perceptions and fears, than about Renais in particular or Magvel in general.  Note the vast difference in tone between Eirika's supports with Seth and her supports with Forde.

I tend to think Seth's objections are coming from more of a personal level.  The way Eirika made him feel during their escape rattled his self-perception and some of his own core assumptions re: duty and social roles, and I don't think that can be underestimated.  He wasn't expecting that.  From the way he speaks of it in their A-support, it got to him deeply.  And if the great knight of Renais can feel that way for his princess, what else might be he capable of that he doesn't even know or expect?  Over the course of the war, Seth sees more than enough of the damage caused by obsessive love; he wouldn't want to even think about risking Eirika and everything else he values.  The cost, as seen in the antics of Orson, Carlyle, and Lyon, would simply be too great.  And Eirika, at least in the course of their conversation, does echo the objections as Seth defines them.

And then she marries him anyway.  Hmm...

* A fair possibility for Hayden, in any event, especially as royal women serve as Pegasus Knights.  

Jan. 5th, 2012



Dreamwidth question

A quick question for the community: how would you feel about mirroring the comm on Dreamwidth? Posts here would remain the same; the only difference would be that I would import all the old posts and comment threads on DW, and posts could be crossposted from there to here. This way people who've switched platforms can access posting to the comm without going to LJ. 

Community import on DW is not live for me yet, but when it does happen, I can do this if you guys would like. Again, it's not a "move" (you wouldn't ever need to go to DW if I do it right), just a mirror. 

Dec. 8th, 2011

Lyon twins


[meta] (link) Saleh

Because I'm always talking about how anyone can post and all that, I should really put my money where my mouth is, shouldn't I?

Anyway, I just posted a meta thing without really thinking over on my public meta journal, noneedforwings, but I thought it might be of interest to the community (and I should have probably posted it here instead, oops). 

Link is here! 

As always you can all feel free to post anything FE8 related you do here, either on the comm itself or as a link c: 

Also: if anyone has any suggestions for themes for a reboot of our previous contests, please feel free to send them to me via PM!

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