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norree in magvel

New AU Fanfiction!

I'm so excited that I joined this community!
Well, I spend most of my time drawing, but since I love FE8 I decided to go ahead and make a fanficiton! So please keep in mind that I'm not much of a writer, ha!
But here it is.

Title: Lost In the Fields
Rating: T {for now}
Genre: Slice-of-Life, Drama, Angst, Romance...a lot of things!
Description: A few Renais warriors are suddenly transported by a druid into a strange, new world--OURS! Watch seven characters struggle as they try to adapt to our strange, modern world. Friendship, Drama, Romance. SethxFranz, KnollxNatasha, ColmxNeimi, CaellachxFranz.

Here's the link, hope you guys enjoy! <3 (Most of this was written a year ago, so bear with me!)


Thank you for the link, and welcome to the comm :D
I'll try to read it when I get the chance.

Also, I added the tags for you - next time, please try to tag your fic with the appropriate character/genre tags so people looking for their favorites can find it more easily :3
Thanks! I'd love to have you read it!

Sorry, I had no idea, I've never actually tagged anything before.
Some of it was tagged incorrectly though, for example there are no f/f pairings, and I tried to delete the tag but it's still showing up on my computer.
Fffffff, LJ messed up the tags again. I'll try to fix it - I already fixed it twice and I thought it was okay (it kept trying to change my "romance" tag to "tragedy" and I was all noooo stop that)

And no worries :D There should be a "select tags" option that you can use when you tag your own posts. I'll try to fix this one, for now. :3